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murray jamieson is an australian born composer, sound designer, producer & musician.

he produces high quality original music & sound for film, television, theatre & new media.


tweaker new media                 murray's music  -  a small selection

üff yaaa                                   electro pop project  -  in progress

virsual                                     the ultimate toy for the playroom of the future  music & sfx

a black and white world         screened at film festivals around the world  -  music

the secret life of us               television series set in the beachside suburb of melbourne, australia music composer/music editor

the sand pebbles                   flower punk band from melbourne musician, engineer and performer

stomp                                    renowned non-traditional dance troupe former performer

from the urban dictionary

tweaker           someone who constantly makes slight
             alterations to (usually a very specific)
                        object/thing i.e. music, sound, health,
                        software, thought, machine, computer etc.

new media       usually refers to the group of relatively recent
    mass media based on new information technology
    such as the internet and world wide web, video
    games, cd-rom,
other forms of multimedia.

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